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Finnovate is an 8-week long program where students will be challenged to create a new innovative idea in the Fintech space that aims to disrupt the traditional financial service industry. Students will be formed into groups and attend a series of weekly workshops that will not only enhance their technical skills but their entrepreneurial business skills.

8 Enriching Workshops

What will you learn?

Our personally created curriculum is designed for students to not only enhance their entrepreneurial business skills but also their technical skills, balancing both their soft and hard skills.

The curriculum will be delivered by different FinTech professionals, entrepreneurs, professors, and our own team, and will be held online and recorded.

Design Thinking


SQL Database

Digital Transformation


Financial Modeling


Workshop Schedule

02.03.2022 – Finnovate Kickoff Event

02.05.2022 – Introduction to FinTech

02.12.2022 – FinTech Ideation

02.19.2022 – How to Validate Startup Ideas

02.26.2022 – Building an MVP with Figma

03.05.2022 – How to Monetize a Startup

03.07.2022 – Building an MVP with Low-Code Tools

03.26.2022 – Building a Landing Page & Getting Your First Customers

04.02.2022 – How to Pitch to Investors

04.09.2022 – Award Ceremony

The Chance To Win


The top three teams with the best pitches and FinTech solutions will recieve the following.




Certificate of completion

Students will receive a certificate of completion of the program that allows them to be recognized that they have completed our program.

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