First Event - Spring 2019

Info Session

Identifying the empty gap between finance and technology was the first step Northeastern University and its students took towards addressing this major issue. The second was the initiation of Disrupt: The FinTech Initiative. In the information session, Professor John Bai of Big Data Analytics and Andres Solanot, a Blockchain Consultant, came to speak on the potential of FinTech in the future. This was the very first event held by Disrupt with ambitions to culminate a hub for all things FinTech at Northeastern University and beyond.

Spring 2019

Kickoff Event

An event for the ages as described by students who attended the event. The kickoff event was a huge success featuring some of the major players in the FinTech industry in the Boston region. It was inspiring to hear how excited Lee Saba (the former Managing Director of Wellington Management’s technology team) and Sarah Biller (the founder of FinTech Sandbox) are about the prominence of FinTech nowadays. Jennifer Lum spoke to us about her journey building 4 startups in FinTech that have all been acquired (One by Apple and one by AT&T). Additionally, Zac Sheffer (C.E.O. of Elsen) and Jason Moens (V.P. of Products at Flywire) emphasized the need for innovation as they have been implementing revolutionary strategies in their respective fields using data science technology to better the overall industry.

Spring 2019

Python Workshop

The need for programming skills in today’s financial services industry is growing and slowly moving from desirable to necessary. We hosted an engineer from HubSpot to provide a crash course on the basics of Python through interactive activities after a brief introduction to the fundamental techniques.

Fall 2019

Digital Assets Panel

Digital assets have become more and more common in today’s tech-savvy environment which is not necessarily the best news for regulators. It is a matter that must be addressed. Joe Ciccolo (President of BitAML), Shari Noonan (C.E.O. of Rialto Markets), and Chuck Senatore (Fidelity Senior Advisor) described the digital assets ecosystem while educating us on the benefits and disadvantages that come with the digital assets in today’s world.

Fall 2019

Fireside Chat With Dave Long

Insurance has been largely impacted by the technological revolution that has been instigated about two decades ago. Dave Long, the C.E.O. of Liberty Mutual Insurance, a Fortune 100 firm, joined us in a captivating discussion about FinTech and whether it is here to stay or just a trend. He repeatedly iterated that FinTech is without a doubt the future; the companies that embrace will succeed, but those who don’t will eventually realize that they have no other choice (let’s just hope it’s not too late for them by then).

Fall 2019

How To Invest In FinTech Startups

The FinTech space is unique in the sense that the technology firms are aggressively moving deeper into finance and more and more FinTech startups are being started at a pace never seen before. Deniz Johnson and Vasilios Ruosos (Managing Director of D.C.U. FinTech Innovation Center) reflected on their past experiences with consulting and advising startups looking to make a difference in FinTech.