All pictures were taken by Audrey Lila – Follow her @audreyliliaphoto on Instagram
Julia McCarthy
Co-Founder, President

Julia is a fourth year Finance student with a minor in communications. She has completed two co-ops, first at Wellington Management and second at Goldman Sachs. She will be completing her final co-op at Alvarez & Marsal in NYC. Julia also serves as the Executive Vice President of the Finance and Investment Club and the Strategic Director of NUImpact. Aside from FinTech, Julia is passionate about women’s empowerment and purposeful capital.

Rajdeep Abrol
Co-Founder, Vice President

Rajdeep completed his second co-op as a Trade Processor at MFS Investment Management. He is a blockchain enthusiast and enjoys gastronomy, golf, and discussing the markets. Rajdeep believes in creating a strong community in Northeastern for the FinTech space.

Samuel Leadley
Co-Founder, Head of Strategy

Samuel is a fifth-year senior, studying finance and entrepreneurship. He has completed three co-ops: two in public accounting and one in consulting. Having always been passionate about entrepreneurship and finance, he finds the emerging space of FinTech especially exciting. Specifically interested in FinTech’s ability to bridge the gap between underbanked and fully banked individuals.

Kyra Averman
Co-Founder, Development and Programming

Kyra, a fifth-year senior, has completed three co-ops: one in public accounting and two in traditional financial services roles. Over time she has discovered her interest in non-traditional finance roles and how they will reshape the landscape of the industry.

Elena Austras
Director of Content & Marketing

Elena is a fourth year Marketing student and has realized her strong interest in marketing for tech, and specifically FinTech through her three co-ops at Natixis, VMware and Smartleaf. In her spare time, Elena is active in the Lithuanian community in Boston and enjoys cooking new cuisines.

Quinn Casey
Vice President of Content & Marketing

Quinn is a fourth-year finance and marketing student. An avid traveller, she has had many experiences abroad during university, including an semester in London, an international marketing co-op, and a summer study program at Copenhagen Business School. She’s passionate about personal finance technologies and social marketing, and enjoys songwriting in her free time.

Paritzia Cadel
Director of Finance

Patrizia is an Italian fourth-year student passionate about the consulting, energy, and investments industries. She has completed two co-ops, first at MFS Investment management in Boston and later at UBS in New York, and will be graduating in May 2019.

Salem Alnahdi
Director of Technology

Salem is a second-year Computer Science and Business major. He has his own start-up that offers technological solutions for educational institutions, this has got him started into the technological industry. Because of his combined major, he is really interested in combining the studies of computer science with business, which is why he was eager to join the FinTech board.

Sarthak Bhandari
Vice President of Technology

Sarthak is currently a Sophomore at the D'Amore McKim School of Business. He is concentrating in Finance & Entrepreneurship and minoring in Data Science. The amalgamation of finance & technology fascinates him a lot! Ergo, he has a keen interest in the FinTech industry - it is also where his career aspirations lie. He enjoys playing video games and soccer during his free time.

Chris Harris
Director of Employer & Alumni Relations

Chris is a fourth-year international student out of Honduras, studying in finance and entrepreneurship. At Northeastern, he has been able to create meaningful relationships with students from all over the world and be part of its dynamic experiential education program.