Rajdeep Abrol
Co-President & Co-Founder

Rajdeep is a graduating senior studying Finance and Entrepreneurship, he is one of the co-founders of Disrupt. Rajdeep completed his second co-op as a Trade Processor from MFS Investment Management and besides academics/work he spends most of the time exploring digital assets. When he’s not working for Disrupt , or studying, he prefers to spend his time going on long runs and cooking some delicious healthy meals. 

Julia McCarthy
Co-President & Co-Founder

Julia is a fifth-year Finance major with a minor in Communications. Julia is passionate about mentoring and empowering young women in finance and promotes diversity in the fintech industry. She is currently working for Alvarez & Marsal on Co-op and in her spare time she loves to travel and go for long runs.

Elena Austras
Vice President

Elena is a fifth-year senior and has realized her strong interest in marketing for tech, and specifically FinTech through her three co-ops at Natixis, VMware, and Smartleaf. She is excited by the way FinTech is democratizing finance across the world in improving financial accessibility and education. Elena is eager to foster a strong FinTech community at Northeastern.

Christopher Harris
Director of Finance

Chris is an International Student majoring in Finance and Entrepreneurship. He has completed two co-ops in Boston and for his senior year, he wanted to be active on campus with Disrupt in any capacity. An initial Fintech course at Northeastern taught him how the finance industry is ripe for improvement and innovation. During Chris’s free time, he enjoys hiking and exploring the outdoors with friends.

Celia Toro Colombo
Director of Events

Celia is a fifth-year Finance Major with a minor in Business Analytics. Originally from Madrid Spain, Celia has completed a co-op at Santander Bank as a Business Analyst & Business Management Specialist. When she’s not busy working or planning fun events she enjoys traveling and understanding different cultures and languages. Celia is inspired by FinTech because it allows the finance industry to drive and execute social change with the use of technology. 

Emma Bosenberg
Vice President of Events

Emma is a second-year pursuing a combined degree of Math and Business with a concentration in finance. After spending her first semester in Berlin, Germany, she eagerly joined Women in Finance and Disrupt. Emma is interested in FinTech for its potential to greatly improve services in the financial world and for its ability to encompass many different areas of study. A Northeast native, Emma can be found hiking, skiing, or reading, when enjoying her free time.

Salem Alnahdi
Director of Technology

Salem is a third-year Computer Science and Business major from Bahrain. He first became interested in the technology industry with his start-up that offers technological solutions for educational institutions. Salem was eager to join Disrupt due to his interest in combining the studies of computer science with business. 

Sarthak Bhandari
Director of Education

Originally from India, Sarthak Bhandari is a third-year pursuing Finance and Entrepreneurship with a minor in Data Science. He is currently involved with Disrupt and TAMID. Sarthak is profoundly interested in FinTech because he believes that it is the perfect amalgamation of Technology and Finance and is an exciting industry that has immense potential for further DISRUPTion xD.

Mohamed Bennis
Vice President of Education

Mohamed is a third-year student studying Finance and Mathematics with a minor in Data Science. He is currently on his first co-op at Arrowstreet Capital working in the Investment Services Group. He is fascinated by the rapidly evolving space of FinTech and the potential it has on the financial services industry. Some of his hobbies include playing chess, basketball, and discussing markets and real estate.

Clair Aguirre
Director of Marketing

Clair is a fourth-year Marketing major, who developed a strong interest in Tech through her co-op and internship experiences at Salsify, Red Hat, and VMware. Clair’s interest in FinTech stems from her passion for new emerging technologies. She is originally from the San Francisco Bay area and enjoys practicing yoga and taking boxing classes. 

Victoria Mukerjee
Vice President of Marketing

Victoria Mukerjee is a second-year Business Administration and Psychology major. She is from Mansfield, Massachusetts a small town located thirty minutes outside Boston. Victoria joined Disrupt because it combines her interests in tech and business and wants to help raise awareness of FinTech to others. In her spare time, Victoria enjoys, traveling, reading, and writing.

Jack McNally

Jack is a third-year majoring in computer science and mathematics. He is currently on his first co-op as a full-stack software developer at Stanley Black and Decker. His hometown is Little Silver, New Jersey. He is also the philanthropy chair of Beta Gamma Epsilon, the engineering fraternity on campus. His hobbies include camping, hiking, and playing the guitar. Jack first became interested in FinTech when he developed a stock evaluation tool at Hackbeanpot.

Catherine Li

Cat is a third-year cybersecurity major, and plays volleyball and is active in the Chinese American community in her spare time. She is currently on her first co-op doing IT Service Management at Bain Capital, and is eager to learn more about the impact of tech and security in the finance industry.